Jquery in Test Runner?

I am using doctype Test Runner to run some unit test. But this part is is not working.
() => { return $('input[data-fieldname="project"]').val('DESA KERAYONG INDAH'); },

QUnit.test(“Filter tabAvailable Property”, (assert) => {
let done = assert.async();

	() => {  return $('input[data-fieldname="project"]').val('DESA KERAYONG INDAH'); },

	() => assert.equal(cur_frm.doc.docname, "Available Property", "Correct Doctype!!"),

	() => done()


When I input this $('input[data-fieldname="project"]').val('DESA KERAYONG INDAH'); in the console tab it works.

Any ideas?

I have a similar issue,
It seems jquery doesnt execute in custom scripts