.js file changes are not reflected on UI

Hi there. I have made a change in [frappe/public/js/frappe/list/list_view.js] file for changing the hover title format for list view. Fix is shown in the link below

But any change in ths js file is not working and UI is not changed according to it. I have triend bench build, bench clear-cache and bench restart commands.
I am using frappe and ERPNext version 13

Clear your browser cache and reload. Should reflect if everything is added properly.

I have done that too… but it’s not working

I think you must purge \ clear REDIS cache… But I don’t know how to do :slight_smile: @Ammar-Ahmad-Khan if you already found any solution to solve this problem please share me asap.

Dear @Ammar-Ahmad-Khan

Finally, I found a solution after 3 months from I met this problem.

You need just to run bench build command to rebuild all items.

P.S. You must run this command on frappe-bench directory to access bench.

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