JS Print Format Syntax and Field names for POS

Hi All,

I am trying to find any resources for what fields are supported for the new v8 POS JS print format. I searched a lot I couldn’t find any information.

I will continue looking, If I find any info I will post it here.

i don’t understand what do you mean by " fields are supported in pos js " ?
i know you can find it in /Print Format/POS Invoice
you can customize your print with calling files form the sales invoice any field can be called and you can call fields from other doctypes i you need them !!

I know about that print format template in Print Format/POS Invoice :smiley: I made a custom format using CSS, Jinja and it works well as POS Print format with the Sales Invoice Module, For ease of use and since the POS module is available, it makes more sense use that.

If I was unclear, I apologize I was talking about the Print Format/Point of Sale, which is the print format for the POS Module in V8 which unlike the other Print Formats are not Server Print format Type, it is JS Print Format type.

for eg.
To get Customer Name.

{{ doc.customer_name }} - will work on a server print format

{{ customer }} - is the syntax for the JS print format but that only gives Customer Code and not customer name

So I am looking for a syntax or fields which are supported in this format