Json file corrupted after restore backup

I had problem in virtual machine I created new and restore backup successfully and erpnext working but only one session after vm restart link and erpnext not working because of json file corrupted and maria dB do not start,
Any one can help me what is wrong with it?
I was trying to change http to https but in that process I had no A record for dns how I can create a record dns free ?
After that maria bd service do not start .
mariadb.service failed. See 'systemctl status mariadb.service' and 'journalctl -xn' for details. this error comes

what is the output of these recommended commands?

sorry for late reply my windows was corrupted then i reinstall windows and vm, now maria db has no error but at site 404 not found i have checked currentsite.txt site name is correct there.
i have backup file but i can not upload here somebody check what is wrong with it.
it is test data but i want to fix it to ovoid this type off errors in future

before backup or after restore both have same error 404 not found