Just a lot of thanks really!


New to ERPNext; going through to offer services and this community is so good really!

Just wanna say thanks to all who contributes as wherever I got stuck and searched for, till now I just got that in few clicks <3



Welcome F_Alig. I do hope you will have a good experience offering ERPNext services to your clientele.

We are certain you will rapidly pick up ERPNext experience and will soon become a net contributor.

One way you can contribute right away is to get involved with the Foundation. Please check our ERPNext.org when you get a chance.




Thanks a lot again Jay!

I had a look and we might need it in near future.

Contributing is the beauty for sure; we are on the way.


Yeah, erpnext is great tool. I am not an advance level developer and I want to get guidance from experts here. And I sooner I hope to be a net contributor.

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Hi. This is my first post. I have been looking for quite a while for a good (functional but not too expensive) school administration system and accounting package for a small school in Myanmar. After a lot of looking and frustration I stumbled on to erpnext. Wow, this whole ecosystem looks amazing. It’s the most beautiful looking app I have seen so far (and I have looked at a lot). And ‘app’ seems like a gross understatement. I’m really hoping I am smart enough to contribute something useful to this project in the future.

Many thanks and kudos to everyone who has already contributed.