Just Appreciation here

Hi team,

I know this post will not be asking for assistance from the community but it will be appreciation post toward this beautiful software from ERPNext. I was looking for an erp software to use before I stumbled to ERPNext. I tried also the most hyped Odoo but to me I wanted something simple to use. With ERPNext am able to do so much fro the last four months I have been using it and the community here is awesome with assistance.

I have been able to build/develop a website that am very proud of (see it here _


_ ) though still doing some twiaks here and there and my back end users are operating this software without any issues.

ance again thank you and buying a coffee.



Your website looks good. Please keep participating on this forum and keep sharing your learning with us. Also, help spread the word about ERPNext in your country.

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Thank You I will do that

Nice website…
Erpnext has quite a long history in Kenya. Furniture elegance has been using Erpnext for some 8 years!! https://furnitureelegance.erpnext.com
The administrative aspects of water management in Nakuru were supposed to be managed using Erpnext. A full functional Erpnext for the Water Resources Authority (WRA) Naivasha, also covering the Nku area has been piloted. The project failed. Probably too much transparency and efficiency, if you understand what I mean :slight_smile:
For technical advice you may contact upande.com in NBI, they have considerable knowledge. Regards Robert

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