Kanban Board Columns


How are you? I need to customize my kanban table and when I create one I want to be able to put the columns that I want but it does not leave me and I cannot find where you can modify the ones that are already configured in the system such as status, priotiry, is_active and more

I need help !!! Please … I add columns on which it is pre-loaded but when I run things and update they return to the rows that are already created by default and not to the ones I add

Have you try the kanban board list?

When I go to create a board, it requires me to assign a field name and inside this option are the columns that already come in the program … the problem is that when I add a column to what is predetermined I see it in the board kanban but when I move the project to that column to believe I give it update and it returns to the default column that is created … it only lets me move the projects to the columns that are already created by the system

I need help !!! Please !!!

can you give a screenshot about this problem