Kanban board in LMS (how?)


Perhaps this can be implemented in the current version. But my business needs the following functionality.

I have courses that I can implement on LMS. Students take lessons and tests. I would like the student to have their own Kanban board with task cards.

I understand that the Kanban module is in the project, but it is only for administrators. How can I add this module for students to use?

Thank you. Also, if someone can help us implement this, please contact me and I will tell the details.


Kanban is not a module, but a standard feature of framework.
Actually all doctypes can be represented as Kanban board. Columns must be “Select” fields …

Anyway, I don’t know if “tasks” are implemented on LMS.
Hope this helps.

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Thanks, I meant the ability to move (or display) a kanban board for users. That is, not in the admin panel, but on the course page. I understand that customization is needed and I am looking for a frappe specialist for this.

Did you manage it?