Kanban Board, Not Permitted to View

Hello Next community,
I am having an issue when attempting to create a custom Kanban Board Report:
• Name: “Production Project Task Board”
• Reference DocType: Project Task
• Field Name: title
• Column Names:
o Ready for Production, Status=Active, Indicator=color (same status and indicator for the following)
o Layup
o Production
o Finishing
o Assembly
o Shipping
o Delivered
When I click “show board,” I either get a blank screen, or a message saying that I am not permitted to view the board. I have all user permissions, and other Kanban boards and reports have worked fine. Any suggestions for why this isn’t working? Thanks!

What is the error message in the browser’s console? Also, share the exact error message.

Kanban is only a view and permission (IMO) is not assigned on it. Perhaps it has some worked you are not permitted to view.


Any ideas? Other kanban boards work fine, so I assume the problem lies with the “Task” variable?

Thanks for your help!