Kanban cards showing more info via "search fields" or "list fields"

I am doing a project doc type kanban to move projects along in the view by status, and I would love to see some additional information in the cards other than the project name/number. I have project_owner, project_desc, customer as “search fields” since I don’t recognize the project by the number itself. “list fields” from list settings would also be useful information as an alternative.

As a new feature, can “search fields” be added to the shown information of a kanban card? Or if this is already possible, could someone point out how? I have searched and searched but have come up with nothing but a couple similar requests.

In the same way, it is helpful when selecting a doc by name in a drop down list to see the ‘search fields’ for that doc type, a card should show the same info.

In the task kanban view, I love how it is set up by status and how customizeable the status field is. Some add’l info there would be helpful too, ie search fields, especially for kanban with tasks from multiple projects. I’m sure there are more applications where this would be helpful.

If you would like to see this as well, a reply can generate / show interest here.
Thank you, I think this would be very helpful!


it is better to allow user to customize kanban card , e.g by doctype_kanban.js in which user can define the layout and its content(fields)

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We’re also after such a feature and happy to support from a cost contribution perspective

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szufisher… Is this possible to do now, but just requires some scripting in js?

no, I am not good at js programming. maybe other expert can help.