Kanban view in Issue - automatically add new cards when new Issues are added

We’re trying to use a Kanban board to better organize our Issues. But our problem right now is that when new Issues are opened via ways other than the Kanban board, the Kanban board isn’t updated. i.e. no new cards are added in the Kanban board.

We have a support email inbox from which new emails are fetched and appended into new Issues. So, if we are to effectively use the Kanban board for our Issues, it should be automatically updated as new Issues are added.

Is there a setting for this somewhere that I’m just missing?

If no, I’m currently thinking of just using the doc_events hook to update the Kanban board automatically. But before I spend hours on this, I wanted to check if anyone here knows a better way.

So it turns out that new issues are actually being added as new cards in the Kanban board. In my case, I just couldn’t see them anymore because of the paging limit. It defaults to 20 at first, and I had all my filters removed and the sorting was according to the last modified timestamp. And most of the recently modified entries had the “Closed” status.

If you come across the same problem, just check for these things.