Kanban view not refreshing automatically!

The kanban view does not refresh automatically if an update is made through the list view.
But the list view refreshes even if an update is made through the kanban view. Isnt this a bit strange.

Can someone please help me with this?

Why is only kanban view built with a different approach. There is no provision for hooks whatsoever.

Yes, it is strange. I have fixed it now though.


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Also there is no provision to add any sort of onload code for Kanban. It seems to be extended from list view. But there is no way to add an onload hook. For now I’ve overidden the prototype to patch the onload function. Can this be incorporated in some other way?

Ideally we should be able to hook into the onload event of a kanban view.

Hi I am still facing this on v14. do you have any idea?