Kanban view optimisation

Hallo, i like the kanban-view very much. but there are two things should be optimised:

If i have more than 4 colums, i have a horizontal scrollbar. as i have ultra wide sreen, i can stretrch the browser - but the view ist not responsive … or like that.

  1. it would be fine to have some more info in the kanban card. e.g. the Project and at least the customer.

Yes, there is the filter-button on top (also like list view).
But also i dont have the chance to filter to the customer - that would be often intersting, because we have many small tasks or issues and want to see them together.
Best would be a chance to set up the front of the kanban card manually.



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Thanks for you suggestion to optimise. Would you mind creating a github feature suggestion for this.

Maybe we can use the In List View property @netchampfaris

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done in github.

Searching all over to find if someone knows how to edit the view to add additional information.
For me it would be great to have Customer and Project Manager (custom field) for Projects kanban.

I’ve found the kanban_card.html but I’m not able to pull the data from the database.

This is what I have so far and it’s not working:

<div class="kanban-card-wrapper" data-name="{{name}}">
	<div class="kanban-card content">
		<div class="kanban-card-title">
			{{ name }}
			<p>Customer: {{ customer }}</p>
		<div class="kanban-card-meta">			

Are you able to display additional information on the kanban card. I have a custom doctype where want to display the information from multiple fields in each kanban card. Like, customer name, date, remarks for each document status.

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Hello Koshish, did you get a way to do this?