Keep displaying cancelling and not refresh


I created a custom document and I set it to be submitable. And I gave the system manager the privileges to submit and cancel. When I cancel the document, it keep displaying canceling as shown in the below image and not refreshing the page, I have to refresh it manual, and I find the document is cancelled.
Do I miss something? Maybe I have to write or set something related to the status because after I refresh the document, I can not see any button to save or to re submit or amended and so on …

This image when I click on cancel:

And this image when I click on refresh (it is showing in the left side that it is cancelled, but at the right side only appearing Menu and no button to do any further action):


Is there any error on browser console?

Thank you a lot @saurabh6790.
Yes I checked the console and there was error related to undefined property. I checked and I discovered that there is one field (which is the properly) in child doc (table), I did not put label for this field and this is the reason for the error.
Now it is resolved.

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