Keep only 2 languages on webpage

Hello @all, I’m new on erpnext and I’m trying to keep only english and french on my webpage , I try to use javaScript when frappe is ready to delete languages I don’t want to use but it’s not working, someone can please help me??:expressionless:

Did you try removing the unwanted languages from the “Language” doctype?

If I’m not mistaken if you do this, some error here and there would arise, because they check if a language exist.

Thanks !! but the link is not reachable

I assume you adapted the link matching your installation?

Which version are you using?
self hosted?

What is the error exactly?

ohh It’s ok, but it’s nor working, all languages are still being generated, I solved it using javascript on website script part, I delete all unusefull languages when it all get generated.
Thanks :wink: