Keep track of serial numbers in sub-assemblies and products

How do I keep track of serial numbers?
I’m producing Products from components that have serial numbers, so I test “manufactured” P001-P008 from sub-assemblies Sa001-Sa008 and Sb001-Sb008. How can I now see which serials Sa and Sb are installed in a particular Product? Or do you need to do single item productions when using serialized sub-assemblies?

I also need to be able to track repairs. Suppose product P007 comes back for repairs, and I need to replace sub assembly Sa004 with Sa010, how do I need to administer this in ERPnext? Is that even possible in ERPnext? I cannot find anything like this under Maintenance or Support. But this should be a standard feauture I guess, so who has figured out how to do this?


Please, anyone? This would be a no-go concerning ERPNext

Have you checked stock ledger report?

the stock ledger shows me all the serials of the sub-assemblies used and all the serials of the products created, but I cannot see what serials sub-assembly went into which serial number product.

apparently one should not make a production order of multiple products at once if one wants to track serials of sub-assemblies?

How about tracking repairs? can you also disassemble products back into sub-assemblies?

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