Kg to gms conversion

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We receive all the material in kgs and while issuing it will be gms ? is it possible in erpnext ?

@dineshpanchal432 if I understood correctly, we are discussing about β€œGrams”, since 1Kg = 1000 Gms, you need to configure the conversion rate as:

1 Kg β†’ 1000 Gms
1 Gms β†’ 0,001 Kg

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For example

Item X - UOM is Kgs

While making purchase Receipt X is 1 kg

But when i need to issue X item to the production it will be in grams

How we can issue in Grams ? Is it possible ?

Use in qty in decimal points in the BOM
For example
600grams = .600kg
650grams = .650kg
655grams = .655kg


In the item, set the UOM conversion factors as @max_morais_dmm posted. Then you can choose the UOM in grams. BTW, the official abbreviation is just β€˜g’ for grams.

In the Item master, you can define the default Unit of Measurement (UOM). You can then define the conversion factor in the conversion table as shown below.

You can also specify the default UOM for Purchase and Sales in the Item master as shown below.

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Thank you so much . let me try and let you know