Kindly share your hacks to enhance Developer Experience & Productivity

Aah, I was not able to pick suitable topic title, but community will be glad, if you share your Productivity hacks while developing with Frappe & ERPNext.

PS: I wrote this post to alarm Devs, as I’m concerned of build time increasing rapidly.

Are you guys okay with Bench Build building time? Should I concerned about this? Average build time is 177.31s, ~3 minutes!!

yarn run v1.22.4
$ FRAPPE_ENV=production node rollup/build.js
Production mode
✔ Built js/moment-bundle.min.js
✔ Built js/libs.min.js

Building frappe assets...

✔ Built js/checkout.min.js
✔ Built js/dialog.min.js
✔ Built js/social.min.js
✔ Built js/modules.min.js
✔ Built css/frappe-rtl.css
✔ Built css/printview.css
✔ Built js/web_form.min.js
✔ Built js/list.min.js
✔ Built js/chat.js
✔ Built css/form.min.css
✔ Built css/list.min.css
✔ Built css/report.min.css
✔ Built css/module.min.css
✔ Built frappe/css/email.css
✔ Built css/frappe-chat-web.css
✔ Built css/web_form.css
✔ Built js/frappe-recorder.min.js
✔ Built js/desk.min.js
✔ Built css/desk.min.css
✔ Built js/barcode_scanner.min.js
✔ Built js/bootstrap-4-web.min.js
✔ Built js/frappe-web.min.js
✔ Built js/form.min.js
✔ Built js/control.min.js
✔ Built css/frappe-web-b4.css
✔ Built js/data_import_tools.min.js
✔ Built js/report.min.js
✨  Done in 157.787s

Building erpnext assets...

✔ Built js/erpnext-web.min.js
✔ Built css/erpnext.css
✔ Built css/marketplace.css
✔ Built js/item-dashboard.min.js
✔ Built js/erpnext.min.js
✔ Built css/erpnext-web.css
✔ Built js/marketplace.min.js
✨  Done in 17.445s

Building customapp assets...

✔ Built js/customapp.min.js
✨  Done in 0.198s
Done in 177.31s.

I know, Developer should get some time to grab a cup of coffee, what if you are constantly hitting bench commands one after another?

My colleagues have already complained so many times, concerning empty coffee-machine, & boss is about to fire me to save their 2 loss, one is coffee & another is time.

Jokes apart, Anyone is working on enhancing Developer Experience?

PS: This thread may also be used, to speak up all your dev challenges, so we can grab a list, few of them may be fixed with upcoming major release!

Recently GitHub - frappe/frappe_docker: Docker images for production and development setups of the Frappe framework and ERPNext was update to be not only finally production-ready but it includes VSCode container remote integration, check frappe_docker/ at main · frappe/frappe_docker · GitHub

I am always very slow with developing for frappe, my main issue is lack and quality of documentation

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