KnockoutJS or AngularJS

I’ve been thinking a lot about frappe, and wondering why it doesn’t use a framework like Knockout or Angular. It seems to me it would be much easier to add functionality if the base framework used a common library. Plus, the Frappe framework seems to have trouble updating correctly when the model changes. Has anyone else had similar thoughts?

There are a few frappe components defined in Vuejs. The maintainers have expressed some interest in using a frontend framework at various points, but I think the latest word was that it would be too much work to do all at once.

Frappe is very server-centric in design, so if you’re seeing views out of sync with models it’s worth identifying where exactly that’s happening. If you’re changing data via javascript, a refresh_field call is usually necessary.

First Principles

Just because there is a popular way to do things, we believe it is not always the best. Since our earliest days, we have written our own web framework, with distinct concepts that make us highly productive. We believe that this is our superpower.

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Perhaps this is true, but there is a saying that might fit here. The cream rises to the top. That said, I suppose generic libraries might not fit so nicely with frappe’s framework and goals. The biggest downside I see, is the steeper learning curve for developers, who might otherwise be able to jump right in with prior knowledge they already have.

Perhaps I’ll come up with some ways to add functions I like in Knockout to frappe instead.

You can use Vue JS because is built in Frappe framework

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