Knoweldge Base module

is there a knoweldge base module in ERPNEXT
i read that there is only NOTE

But i am searching for a knoweldge base
which contain catagories - search so on

I am unsure what you mean by Knowledge base? Are you referring to CRM function or our help guides?

knoweldge base where user can search for topics

such as

There is a knowledge base app that doesn’t come pre installed, but can be installed from inside ERPNext. Go to:

Setup–>Application installer
Search for knowledge base
Install app

Remember, you might need to show the app on the desktop, and you’ll need to give users permission to add articles and categories or else you won’t see those functions.

It’s a fairly basic app, but can be extended. :slight_smile:

Problem is that KB App exposes its articles to the website generated by ERPNext and there does not seem to be a way to restrict access to only staff members or system users (correct me whether that has changed with v7).

So, unfortunately KB does not help whether you want to write anything that is not addressed to the general public (like an operational manual or such) I am afraid.

It would be great whether such a restriction mechanism would exist though I believe. Then it could turn into a great tool with which you could build external and internal Knowledge base