Knowlarity Integration

Hi, I am Anish from GrabOnRent. We are planning to use ERPNext as it satisfies our business requirements. We also use Knowlarity SuperReceptionist (virtual call center). While looking at other CRM’s, some have integrations with Knowlarity and we were hoping if there was a way to do the same with ERPNext. Since I am new to ERPNext, could anyone guide with the following tasks:-

  • Click to call
  • Call logs and notes
  • Popups for incoming calls

Knowlarity API:

The features are not available out of the box. You can always integrate it though.

ERPNext supports REST API. Check this link

That works for call logs and notes. What about popups and add a “click to call” button?

learn the frappe framework at
It is possible to implement the same. Dont forget to send us a PR with the integration :slight_smile:

Let me know in case you have a use case specific issue.

Thanks. I went through the documentation and I have a few questions, as follows:

  1. How do I add a “Call” button on the leads page and the customer page?
  2. Do you have pop-up functionality that could be triggered by an external service and will open a pop-up on any page?

@revant_one & Team MN Technique - I heard one of your mates mentioning during Conf 2016 that you’ve done some work on Knowlarity integration with ERPNext recently.

Would be great if you could throw some light on the questions asked by the OP.

Would be even more great if you could share the work done in the form of an app or a PR for this integration to be available out of the box for an ERPNext user!


Our client wanted an endpoint exposed.
We exposed it like this

For pop-up we’re using, frappe.publish_realtime()


@revant_one useful feature. Would be great if you could clean it up and send a PR as well :slight_smile:

It feels more like customization than feature.

  1. Only request header was checked for security key, now we’ve oauth 2 which is more secure.
  2. The key was generated at clients end and shared with knowlarity over secure channel.
  3. Our client is only using Lead part of Crm. I.e. someone calls and only leads are searched or added as per the call. For booking orders they have different systems, Customer master is also not used in this case.

Note: if you read knowlarity blogs, they are probably using django

@revant_one @shubhamgupta123, Thank you for your help. I had checked out “awfis_erpnext” before and created an issue so as to be able to cherry-pick some code for the Knowlarity integration. Seams like I can. Though, it would be very useful if we could create an out of the box app for more people to use.

We can always make a generic endpoint which can be called with params to show popup to a user.

Knowalarity or any other software calls the endpoint on ERPNext . It is not ERPNext is calling any endpoints on Knowalarity / call centre software.

That’s alright. What I meant was, why not create an App/plugin on the frappe framework and post it on Not Found.