Knowledge base /kb url shows 404

Hi, I have a need to use the knowledge base feature in erpnext. But when I go to mydomain/kb it says 404 error. But all my created help articles using mydomain/kb/[articlename] work. How can I get the knowledge base homepage activated? Also is there a way to restrict the knowledge base articles for logged-in users only?

Im using:
ERPNext: v13.26.0
Frappe Framework: v13.26.0

Thanks in advance!

Hey there, @Dinuka_Lakshan . Here’s how I’ve solved that problem:

  1. I created a “Welcome” Help Article with a brief description and instructions. I put it in its own “Welcome” category.
  2. My knowledgebase link in the website goes to this welcome page’s URL “/kb/welcome/welcome” instead of “/kb”.

But I agree, I think there should be some better handling for the default on this. Unfortunately, I think the knowledgebase is an underappreciated module that does not get much dev attention. I believe they want to replace it with the “wiki” app, but that’s far from ready for production IMHO.

To your other question, I have seen it said that there is no way to limit the knowledgebase to logged-on users. The best that could be done, as far as I know, is to not publish a link in the Navbar to the knowledgebase and tell only the users about it. But that would not secure it from someone finding it on their own.

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