Knowledge Base not working for me

Hello all,

When I create topics under KB articles no links are created for the topics. So when the articles are published the external user can see the list of articles but when you click on any article you are taken to an error page, and in the url link you see “none”.

Is there something else I should be doing to make the articles viewable?



By KB Articles, are you referring to Help Articles in the Website module? It is working just for our own

No not the help articles .

I am talking about articles created by me using the ERPNext Knowledge Base
Module .


Sure. Referring to your help articles only. Shared our link just for replicate the issue.

Can you please share the screenshot of your KB article here, with it’s broken link?

See below

Click on any of the articles

Thanks for the attention

Any idea what am doing wrong ??

Can you please share the screenshots of pages Retail Pro Start and QB start?

Hello @umair

Any solution?

I noticed that your own knowledge base landing page also leads to an error message (Not Found)

Is this a bug ??

Knowledge Base was moved to “Website” module within ERPNext.
I just tested it, worked fine form me. You will have to do bench update, then you should be able to create new Help Article.