KOT print in ury pos application

I have tried using urymosaic app and I couldn’t find how to print a KOT bill .Is there someone who can help me out to print a KOT invoice using urymosaic or any other ury pos systems ?. Your help is much appreciated. :grinning:

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Hi @vibeeshan,

Are talking about the POS of ERPNext? and what is urymosaic app?
Can you elaborate on it?

In ERPNext, POS provides the default format so check it.

Thank You!

Hmm :thinking:,
you talking about GitHub - ury-erp/ury: URY - FOSS restaurant management system super powered by ERPNext.

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URY Mosaic has not been used/tested independently. However, with some effort and workaround, you may succeed in using it for your need or getting direction on how to implement one.

  1. In the app, KOT print is generated when a KOT doc is created and submitted.

  2. When used with URY, KOT is generated automatically when an order is updated through URY POS, or Standard ERPNext POS.

  3. User can set up network printers in the URY production unit and configure print formats for KOTs.

    For example, you can create production units for the kitchen and bar, and assign item groups accordingly. Add printers to each unit for KOT printing.

  4. If you need to print takeaway KOTs separately, designate a specific printer in the POS profile and can block takeaway KOTs in production units by checking ‘block takeaway KOT’ checkbox if necessary.

  5. For room service, add printers in the URY Room, and prints will be sent to the room associated with the table.


Hi @vibeeshan , Expecting the explanation from @Jezlan_Uk assisted you .