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Now, ERPNext is compatible with KSA E-Invoicing and VAT Reports. :tada:
Zatca has qualified and listed it as a compliant tool on their website. This was possible with the help of our Partner Accurate Systems (@Mohammed_Redha) and @Mohammad_Ahmad_Zulfi.

All the VAT registered residents can now issue e-invoice with QR Code directly from ERPNext.

To explain this in detail, we will be scheduling a short webinar with @Mohammed_Redha on Thursday, 11th Nov (tomorrow) at 3 pm IST (12:30 pm Mecca, Saudi Arabia).

You can refer to the documentation here.

Here’s the link to the webinar.




Very nice! I hope it can be done for Egypt E-invoice too.

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Hi. The training is on 11th November right? Also its 2.5 hours difference between IST and KSA time. Hope it will be 3.00 PM IST and 12.30 AM KSA time.

Hi. I believe thr funding was done by @Mohammed_Redha and task done by @Mohammad_Ahmad_Zulfi. You can engage Zulfi or any other developer for Egypt work. Good to see these gentlemen pushed it to the core instead of keeping the repo private.


Hello, Team

I have updated my multiple site and I have found the issue in my two site the QR code is broken

I have used ( img class=“qr-code” src={{doc.qr_code}})

Instead of this If I use ( img src=“{{doc.qr_code}}” ) QR code will be appear but when we scan the result as per below


How to fix this ? Need some help…


Yes. +10 to @Mohammed_Redha for driving Zatka approval and @Mohammad_Ahmad_Zulfi for executing. Frappe was also involved in basic solutioning, reviews, testing and merging. For correction, @Mohammad_Ahmad_Zulfi this themselves, with some Frappe support.

This is an awesome example of Frappe collaborating with the community for fast-tracking the development of localization feature. With Marketplace, it’s possible for every dev partner to contribute accounting localization.

Awesome to know this. Feel free to take it forward to @Mohammad_Ahmad_Zulfi and push it as a Frappe app.


We are starting in 5 mins. :slight_smile:

The issue seems to be with the selected print format. Verify that please.

Do we have recording of meeting?


I would appreciate if someone in Saudi Can assist us applying the e-invoice toward our system

Thanks in Advance

@Mohammed_Redha ,@Mohammad_Ahmad_Zulfi is it going to be available for V12 ?

@Flexsofts you can try this app instead

I have found the solution

I have used before “ Naming Series “ like this SBM / SINV-21-00142

I have changed the Naming Series to SBM-SINV-21-00001

Now Issue solved

“ / “ not support

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When we scan code its shows broken links. Is anyone else facing the same issue?

Hello ,
any help ?

Installed Apps

ERPNext: v13.14.1 (version-13)

Frappe Framework: v13.14.1 (HEAD)

you need to add vat setting here

Name - VAT 15%
Company - select your company
Account - Select your vat account