KSA VAT Invoice in Arabic form

Hi team, an existing KSA client has asked us to prepare Invoice as per the picture. They state this is the government requirement. Not sure if others in KSA/UAE have received such requests

.KSA VAT Arabic

If yes then whether Invoice is to be customized in ERP? I have a feeling that this is for the covering letter when vendor sends VAT payment to the government. But am not sure.



For the print formats in labels and heading in arabic, you can create a custom Print Format (using Print Format Builder), and set label and heading in arabic.

Values, in this use-case, will be best if entered in the arabic itself.

If values are entered in some other language and needs transaction, then you will need to add Custom Translations for the same.



We have came across something similar, but our client wants below fields in both english and arabic.

Invoice Number
Grand Total
In Words

Is it possible to add a custom link field with translation?