[Kubernetes] Is there a good way for test auto scaling?

I successfully deployed frappe to my EKS cluster by referring to several docs.

EKS cluster was successfully created because README had all the information written in detail.
Thank you so much.

This is my values.yaml

Karpenter was also installed successfully.

I want to test if this actually works and if the worker node is actually provisioned.

Is there a good way or tool for load test and check auto scale works?


Check if https://locust.io works for you. It’s in python.

Other well known tool is https://jmeter.apache.org


Thanks :slight_smile:
Always helpful

Hi. How was your auto scaling test?

The auto scale worked well, but I wanted to use the load balancer as ALB, but there was a problem with socket io connection when using it as ALB, so I gave up on Kubernetes.

Do not scale socketio deployment or look into enabling sticky session for your LB. Using multiple nodes | Socket.IO

There were no problems when using Nginx Ingress. However, I was trying to use ALB to utilize AWS’s security group, but I thought there was an error in my settings or that Frappe was not suitable for using ALB.

Anyway, it’s a shame, but I’m currently using it well as a single compose.

Thank you