Lab Test template which i creating items its not link to item list

Lab Test template which I creating items it’s not linked to the item list. before it was working can you please help me on this issue.

It should be creating and linking Item if Is Billable is checked. Could you please share a screen shot of the Lab Test Template?

Please find the screenshot after submitting the invoice item

I meant the Lab Test Template which is not linked to the Item

For this, please select the correct Cost Center in Sales Invoice Item

Before I didn’t see the name of beside what all the tabs

Please share the Lab Test Template which is not linked to Item

Before when iam creates any lab test. It is automatically linked to the item list.

Now i am able to see the only lab test template is not showing in the item list/ I was creating two times.

Please turn on Is Billable check it will create the Item to enable billing.

i have tried that option. But no luck , Its not creating item list

That’s the only option that works which i know of. You can post an issue if you sure it doesn’t work.


its not showing the list in item.

SOMCLINIQUE: First company:

If submitting any kind of invoice am able to sumbiting.

CNSS: Second company:, When iam creating an invoice of lab test before submitting am changing the company name CNSS

They it showing the error

Please try setting respective Default Cost Center in both the Company documents.

Please couldn’t get it exactly point.

I have changed default cost center in 2nd company. which is the 1s t company of somclinque default of MAIN-S

still am facing some error. After submitting invoice