Landed cost calculation

how erpnext will calculate when all items are sold before updating landed cost voucher.

I don’t think it matters. What the Landed Cost Voucher is doing is changing the valuation of the Inward Stock Document (Purchase Receipt or Purchase invoice) to the extent that you are loading costs onto it. So your gross profit on those items will go down and the Cost of Goods Sold will go up to that extent.

Hope this helps.



I’ve been trying to find instructions on how to import stock items into ERPNext including the “Landed Cost”. It is required so that the correct values are posted to the COGS account after sale. Do you guys know how to do this? Or maybe the “Item Price” import template is for that purpose (if so then for the life of me I just cannot seem to be able to understand why it’s not “Item Cost”)?

Please explain in detail your use case.

Item value can be increased in 2 ways in erpnext.
Depending on your use case you can decide which one you can use.

I’m not sure if that will answer your question but I’m looking to essentially import products from a legacy inventory management system with landed cost which in this case is simply the average purchase price + all other cost divided among all items to which those costs were related. We already have a bad value for every item in our infantry but we are unclear as to which parameter is reserved for that value in ERP next. It might be the case of misunderstanding how ERP next works as I’m sure it is implemented somehow (to allow users to import either all in one go or items first and then the costs).