Landed Cost Error Message - Negative Stock


i was trying to create Landed Cost Voucher for shipping cost of an item which was previously received.
I have saved the document, but the error came when I was trying to submit it.
Below is the screenshot of the error:

The item was received and sold on the same date.
I have checked the date and time of the receipt and it was received 15:55:00 05/11/2016…
Anyone knows what is the issue why this error is showing?
Thank you in advance.

Please check your “Actual Quantity” for that item.
cancel your Delivery Note and Again submit it,then try.


So there is one more option,I think first you check and then do it.
Just go to
Stock >> Stock Setting
Check field “Allow Negative Stock”.
And try to submit LCV.


I have had the same problem.
I feel that allowing negative stock will allow for alot of errored entries thus weaker control, it would be better for the erpnext team to fix this problem.

The problem is persistent even when you have received items in the system before invoicing

hi @Kagabuisa, exactly, i agree with you… When we allow negative stock, we were able to submit the LCV.
but that should not be the case since we don’t want to allow negative stock everytime we encounter the same problem over again.