Landed cost only for purchases?

Is landed cost only for purchases? Is there a way to do similar things for delivery notes? my sales order may have a pre-set cost for shipping and handling. But my actual shipment may be different. I would like to be able to enter this into the system and generate a report on this. Especially to see if I am losing money by under charging my customers.



Landed Cost Voucher is primarily meant for updating valuation of item’s purchased by also including other charges in it. Delivery Note doesn’t have any impact on the stock reconciliation.

When creating Delivery Note, you can add additional charges in it, one’s which were not there in the Sales Order. Perhaps we can check for the profitability on submission of Delivery Note/Sales Invoice and indicate user if it’s a loss making order. You can post Github Issue for this feature suggestion.

Another option to track profitability is via Cost Center. Check following links to learn more.

Also you can refer to Gross Profit report to track profitability on each invoice.