Landed Cost/Purchase Receipt (Tracking no. in Transporter Details)

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We are trying to generate reports on Gross Profit, we noticed that the cost of our items are less than actual since the shipping cost was not added in our cost. Then we saw that Landed Cost Voucher which we found very useful in updating our cost since we are receiving the invoices from our courier later than the date we are receiving the items. But when we are trying to add the landed cost, it is showing that we need to select from which purchase receipt that cost of shipping is related to. And that made us difficult to find it in the purchase receipts. Is it possible to include Tracking number in the purchase receipt (transporter details) so that we can already input the tracking number in the purchase receipt and search it instead of purchase receipt in the Landed Cost voucher for us to make it easier to input shipping cost? and also, usually, shipping cost is based on the weight of the shipment, not based on the quantity or cost of the item. Another point is that, can we select the account to be used in landed cost each time we want to make an entry like for example we want to select from payables to our different courier companies(fedex/dhl/tnt/aramex…etc)?
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