Landed Cost Voucher - Bug in Allocation - How to Handle?

I keep getting an error in the Landed Cost Voucher when trying to submit that says: Total Applicable Charges in Purchase Receipt Items table must be same as Total Taxes and Charges.

I changed the rates on the PO from Currency to Float because I was getting inaccurate total values for POs where I’ve got pricing to the 6th decimal. When I sum the apportioned values on the Landed Cost Voucher, they equal the total amount I enter so the problem must be related to the precision. Can anyone suggest a fix?

Probably issue is because of different field type, it is comparing Float and Currency.

Hi have same issue with erp next 7 day ago it working very well no issue, now i use 8.0.25 version
I use also 2 currency
Can anyone suggest a fix?