Landed Cost Voucher Distribute Charges Based On : Distribute Manually

Does the option of Distribute manually actually work for Landed cost voucher. When ever I try to submit it always give notification that Debit and Credit not equal for Purchase Receipt #MAT-PRE-XXXX-XXXX. Difference is XX amount.

The difference amount which it shows is actually taken from the option if selected Distribute Charges Based On : Amount

The document would submit if selected either Qty/Amount but not Manually.

Can some one tell me what is wrong or is this a bug?


Are any of the accounts being posted to in a currency other than OMR?

No. All the expense accounts are in OMR.

Just for the information that the Supplier account is in GBP. But I don’t think that it is anyway related here in LCV as we are not posting against it.

Is there any criteria for the issues to be responded and solved by the developers?

Or is it that it is an indirect indication by the frappe/erpnext team that one has to either go by the frappe cloud services or get erpnext authorized service providers?

I have posted some recent issues related to landed cost vouchers one of which is a confirmed bug and no one really has responded .

@Touseef Have you posted the details as an Issue in GitHub? Issues · frappe/erpnext · GitHub
There is some crossover between these different places, but Git is probably the best place for a repeatable and well-defined issues. Discuss is better for sharing assistance and knowledge as a community. There are also Telegram channels that might be worth a look. (read the “info” at the top of each one to be sure that you understand how that channel works!)

And a spoonful of patience is needed wherever you go. Probably 95%+ of members are working for free and just trying to help.

Hope that helps.

Yes, I did post one issue on Github almost 3-4 weeks ago. Unfortunately no reply there as well.
I am not saying that the issue should be resolved immediately as I am aware of the process and the fact that most of the developers are working for free. All I wanted is that at least the issue should be acknowledged.