Landed Cost Voucher: Distribute Charges Based On Item weight (I pay 300usd for this feature)

Hello, I am surprised that this basic functionality is not available in ERPNext v10.

I am willing to pay 300usd for the implementation of this functionality so that it is available to all ERPNext users in the next update

Sure I’m interested :slight_smile: Infact I have this feature already included with some other changes in my fork of ERPNext

Hi, you can show me your solution and how can I integrate it in my erpnext v10

Purchase Receipt Items will fetch weight from Purchase Receipts (in my database I haven’t set any weights since it’s not relevant to my company)

In the Taxes and Charges table I have added option to select the criteria to distrubute by from which you can select Weight. Then you’ll click Distribute Applicable Charges Between Items.

The changes I’ve made is for V11, however, I can backport it and make a branch for V10 if you’re willing to pay for it. Either way I plan on making a pull request for this change (along with other changes on my branch) (for V11 though) in the future.

Hello saifi, I’m interested in your solution,

I’m using ERPNext: v10.1.64 (master) --PRODUCTION–, it is updated weekly

My question is: if I incorporate your solution in my system, will I be able to continue updating it weekly without problems?

Yes you can incorporate my changes and keep updating according to the master branch
Are you on a self hosted site?

yes, self hosted, in my private network

if you want I can deploy ERPNext in the cloud, you can add your feature on it

I need to test the feature

I can pay you for the way that is best for you

I can make a branch that you (or anyone) can merge on your private server. You don’t need to switch your server. PM me.

It’s okay, tell me what to do

It’s 3 AM here, I’m going to sleep. Leave me a message, in a few hours we continue

This is my whatsapp: +5356069237