Landed Cost Voucher

Hi everyone!
I have this scenario and require help to accomodate it in the ERPNext system.
The scenario is as follows:
I create a purchase order to an international supplier for some physical products. I then make a GRN for it on receiving them. Only later on I will get the invoice from another supplier who did the shipping for this product.
I need to map this supplier’s invoice amount to the stock value of that GRN as well as in the expense account.

I’ve tried the the Landed Cost Voucher, but the problem that arises is this:
After creating the landed cost voucher with the shipping charge as an expense included in valuation account, the stock values are being updated, that’s fine.
But when I enter the shipping invoice as a separate purchase invoice (as a service line item mapped to the same expense account) and then make payment, the payables for that shipping supplier and my cash/bank account is properly updated.
But the expense account is mapped twice! It’s a double entry, one from the charges in the landed cost voucher and another from the shipping supplier’s invoice.

Am I doing this properly, or is there a better way to use the system for my use case?

There you go

I hope this explains your concern regarding double booking the expenses.

Okay, if I do it that way, then where will I see the total expenses I’ve incurred to that shipping supplier?
The expense account gets zeroed out. (Which is perfect from an accounting point of view.)

What does it mean to see the total expenses to that shipping supplier? once you create the invoice the payables are created, isn’t it?

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Yeah, I had the wrong accounts mapped.