Landed Cost Vouchers

Hey, As much as LCV is an important tool in stock valuation, There seem to be a problem. In cases where the extra cost comes from a different service provider i.e Clearing and forwarders, you cannot track their amount payables since they appear nowhere in the LCV.

Kindly advise on the way forward ASAP.


You are right, but I’m able to manage these cases, using the description in the chages table

I supply one referential information like

  • Line 1
    Expense Account: XYZ - MMS
    Description: Importation Tax from Brazilian Customs : Journal Entry : JV-00001
    Amount: 1000
  • Line 2
    Expense Account: ABC - MMS
    Description: Warehouse Fee for DHL Brasil S/A : Sales Invoice : SINV-000001
    Amount: 230
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Is this in V12?

One of our clients was planning to add these in the Purchase Receipt from where an new Purchase Invoice can be generated by the system automatically for the additional charge items.

It can be similar to Landed cost voucher where when you submit a LCV New Invoices can be generated for the additional expenses against selected supplier.

I like the way you’re handling this.

@fkardame LCV exists since v7

You should’t generate invoices, because 90% of the time, the charges aren’t from the same issuer of the invoice, and they reach you in different times.

Like in importation of Goods, here in Brazil.

First you will need to pay the Seller
Second you will pay in advance one dealer, that is managing the importation.
Later you will need to pay warehousing and freight.

So only after pay the freight to your location, you will have in hands

  • The Invoice of the Foreigh Supplier (With nationalized Items [Local taxes added])
  • The invoice of the Importation Dealer [With they own taxes]
  • Flight or Over sea freight invoice [With nationalized Items [Local taxes added]
  • Customs Nationalization Letter (With taxes applied in the Foreign Supplier Invoices)
  • Customs/Third party warehousing Invoice
  • Local Contracted freight company Invoice

All of these invoices, need to be registered with the specific supplier, with exception of the “Customs Nationalization Letter”, that normally is an JV.

So, you can’t just generate one invoice, at the same moment because these events, occurs in different times, and if you do issue the Purchase receipt, you will fight against the “Accrual Accounting Principle”

Ofcourse. I am saying the description sequence and not the LCV

I never said 1 invoice for all the Other Charges. I am trying to follow the SAP Method of Landing cost Voucher Where in 1 form Landed cost is added while New Invoices are created as per the Other Charges Supplier per row.(which is not present in the current system).

@fkardame I didnt know SAP, but I still dont undertanding how you ensure the accrual with that model


The current solutions is to create a purchase invoice for each supplier and not use LVC?