Landed Costs for Material Transfer from Work Order without Purchase

I’m struggling to find the way to implement this use case:

My product Item-1 has 2 components: Item-1-a and Item-1-b. I buy the 2 components from a supplier, which stores them in their warehouse. Later when a number of Item-1 is needed, they assemble the components and a freight forwarder picks them up and send them to our warehouse.

This is my current workflow:

  • I create a Purchase Order for Item-1-a and Item-1-b, then the correspondent Purchase Invoice and Purchase Receipt when they are produced and stored in the supplier warehouse.
  • I create a Material Request to Manufacture the required number of Item-1, with the correspondent Work Order and Stock Entry to reflect the new units produced and materials consumed.
  • I create a Material Request to Transfer the manufactured Item-1 from the supplier warehouse to our warehouse.
  • I create a Purchase Invoice from the Freight Forwarder with a service(non-stock) item for the shipping charges.
  • When Item-1 arrives, I create the Stock Entry for the Transfer Request to reflect the units moved from supplier warehouse to our warehouse.

Now when I try to add the shipping cost/import duties to the landed cost, I create a Landed Cost Voucher and try to select the Purchase Invoice from the Freight Forwarder (or any other taxes from government), but it doesn’t allow me because the Purchase Invoice doesn’t contain Item-1 (they only contain the shipping service item). Also I don’t have any Purchase Invoice or Receipt containing Item-1, because the Purchase Receipt was for Item-1-a and Item-1-b, and Item-1 was created through Work Order + Stock Entry and not purchased.

I’m aware of the Additional Costs in the Transfer Stock Entry, but often the invoice for those costs is received well after the transfer is finished, and it doesn’t make sense to wait for the invoice to record the stock transfer and update the stock quantities.

I guess this situation is not so uncommon. What would be the way to handle it?


Is it not possible to add the freight charges in the Applicable Charges section of the Landed Cost Voucher? Has Item-1 been set up to with a BOM with the component parts?

seems these 2 steps can be replaced by sub contract purchase order instead of internal work order