Landed Costs For Sales


Our company is a wholesale Export company, we export every year only 5 to 6 times.
after we create and submit a new Sales Invoice, we have to pay so many other charges like Custom Clearance, Shipping charges and so on until the shipment reach the customer after 2 or 3 months.

in my Legacy ERP System, I track the profitability of each export using the Projects tool, but the Project in ERPNext seams to be totally different than the legacy ERP, I can not link an Expense or an Income directly to a project as I Used to do in the legacy ERPSystem.

any idea how can I track the profitability of each export project?

Thank you very much!

Project is also a dimension, and you can tag every journal expense, purchase invoice against a particular project.

Plus tag every invoice against a project.

Look in the dimensions section.

Hi glz,
thank you very much for the replay.
I have submitted sales Invoice and I’ve linked it to a project, then I have created a Journal Entry as a freight Expense and I’ve linked it to the same Project as you see in the screenshot.

I ran a report called " Project Profitability" but I got a message about setting Standard Working Hours.

I set the Working Hours in the human resources module settings but the report is showing after that nothing.

How can I see the profitability of a project that contains only Sales Invoices and Linked Expenses (Journal Entry)?

Thanks a lot