Landscape Print Format

Hi all, does it exist any way to make Print Format for Sales Order in landscape orientation?

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You can manage it using browser’s print functionality as well

@netchampfaris do we have configuration to manage it?

Thanks for your answer) As I understood I cannot make it with ERPNext Print Settings, right?

No configurable option yet. Only for reports. Maybe we can enable it for other prints too.

@netchampfaris any news on this?

+1 for general print format option

Please create Github Issue for this feature suggestion.

If you are a developer, feel free to contribute this feature in ERPNext )

Thanks, added.

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I found an easy workaround checking wkhtmltopdf docs. You only have to add a custom HTML field to your Print Format, and add this tag to it.

<meta name="pdfkit-orientation" content="Landscape"/>

It will create the pdf in landscape orientation!


Thank you, I’ll check:-)

I tried this without success…

<meta name="pdfkit-orientation" content="Landscape"/>

That worked for me when I selected the PDF option from the print page. It doesn’t seem to affect the print settings, but it does affect the generated PDF.


I tried but no luck

is there any way that I can have landscape orientation for specific pages and portrait orientation for specific pages?