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Hello everyone,

I wanted to know if there was a list/link of languages so that i would use that in the form. In settings, there is a link which has various languages.So it means its stored somewhere in erpnext. is it possible to access that ? or should i create a custom field as language and insert them manually ?

Note:This is not to translate the document in those language. Its just to show a list of languages which user can choose from.


In ‘System Settings’ form , ‘Language’ drop down is available.
By using this drop down list ,User can change the framework language.

Geetanjali Shitole
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

I guess you misunderstood me. Perhaps I wasn’t clear. I do know about the
settings and I don’t want to change the language of the framework… I
simply want a select/link field which shows all the languages in the system
. selecting any language will not do anything. This is just to display in
the form.
Hope you got me now.
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Hi Akarsh_Hegde,

Please refer following method from user.js.

Path: frappe/core/doctype/user/user.js

cur_frm.cscript.before_load = function(doc, dt, dn, callback) { …

I will look into it. Thanks


Hello, i have also the requirement to maintain the list of languages and to refer to languages in a select field.

I tried to dive into doctype SystemSettings, but the Options of the Language-Select Field is showing only “Loading…”.

Please help…

Use this function

it will return array of objects, evry object has pair of attribute (label - value)