Language Error Set to Croatian

I seems to have no clue, my system language is set to Croatian. I tried system settings, global settings. Any idea how to go back to English ?

Check browser preferences or site_config.json if you have set default lang.

No I have not set any language preferences, also I checked on both chrome and firefox, seems to render same. Below is the site_config.json

“db_name”: “”,
“db_password”: “DGNIIiMlOIIYXTRU”,

@rmehta Any suggestions on this. I tried few setting like changing language and it is coming across all browsers too.

@amruthp seems like really a strange issue. We have never faced this or come across this.

Its either coming from your header or site_config or user preferences or global settings

Thanks @rmehta it is back to English now, it was actually in user settings. Earlier I used to keep user language settings blank, after the latest update, I think language pack was added and since then blank user settings defaults to random language.