Language of print format not changing all the text

I want to change the language of print format but it only changes some of the text shown in below image :

here, in terms and condition language not changing and even when using custom print format language not changing how to resolve this ?
Anyone have any idea or suggestions ?
If have please share it will be very helpful.

You have to make terms in every language you want to use and in document under print settings select one for language you want.

Can you elaborate please like where i have to make changes of every language for terms and condition thing ?

Search for Translation in the awesome bar and add an entry there to test.

the system can only translate the standard fields and labels for which the translation is already provided.

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Tried but not get translated text

Translation box :

for testing purpose i just add first line which is Dear XYZ but not get translated value.
even i have added whole terms and condition text as well but that not worked that’s why i added this two words but this also not working.
Here is the list of translation :

is anything i am missing ?

Don’t leave any space in the text.

Just create new terms, in different langauge.

You mean i have to create terms for languages i want ?
it not possible to somehow add it through jinja template or any other way because what you are suggesting is like doing same thing and just change the language everytime which is not good practice.

I have to do same thing for letter head. Eg. Letter Head - en, Letter Head - de etc…
It’s same I guess since if you change the source, you have to change translation.