Language settings: Traditional Chinese get rendered in Simplified Chinese

No big deal but I just found this error…

And the documentation of v14 is full of errors, I just started and find it quite bothersome to have to jump back to v13 to read things. I know it’s open source stuff and should be greatful but at least not so many broken links…

Please be more specific. from the screenshot . We can’t read the error message.

The screenshot shows:

  1. The user set the language to Traditional Chinese.
  2. The language shown changes to Simplified Chinese (which means it does not work correctly). The expected behavior should change the interface to Traditional Chinese.

There is no error message. It just displays the wrong language. Probably hard to spot if you don’t read Chinese :slight_smile:

$ bench version --format plain

frappe 15.x.x-develop develop (788f888)

Probably no big deal, maybe it’s only wrong in the development version?

Ok, I found out why. I think those built-in translations for traditional Chinese was all translated into simplified Chinese.

Once we have a list of strings that we want to translate, they are put into CSV files based on the language. Translations are primarily contributed by various users of Frappe and ERPNext on the translator portal.

I can change it if I update the translation files locally.