Last Purchase Price in Item Price Report not showing values

I have done purchase invoices and sales invoices of some stockable products but the report of item Price is not showing the last Purchase Price value .

Please see the attached screenshot

Is there some thing Im missing or is it a bug?


Did you created purchase receipt against the purchase invoices? System update the last purchase rate in the item master on submission of purchase order and purchase receipt.

I do Purchase Invoice with Update Stock checked . So ,no PO or PR made.

Will it not update Last Purchase Rate in this case ?


Currently it’s not, can you please create github issue, we’ll add this feature for purchase invoice too.

Thanks Rohit for quick reply . I have created a github issue .Hope to get this fixed soon

Hi @Savad_Ibrahim, can you send the link to the github issue so I may track it. I need this feature as well.


Hi @Savad_Ibrahim @rohit_w,

Does this work for you? I’ve created a sales invoice and choosen update stock, but when I look at the item price report my last purchase price is still empty.

I have the latest build and update.


Did you created purchase invoice?

Hi @rohit_w, yes, sorry. I mistyped. I created a purchase invoice.

Hi @rohit_w, I’ve included screenshots

Purchase Invoice:

Item Price Report (I did a refresh and a reload)


Hi @rohit_w,

Is this a bug? Is there something I can provide that would be useful?


Is there any solutions?