Last Selling Price


There is this case where , items are sold at random selling price to different customers. When the customers return to buy the same item, the user needs to check the last selling price for the items sold to the same customer previously .

I was wondering , If I could create a pricelist for each customer , which would save the last sold price of an item, it could to an extend help with the above use case.

I think this isn’t currently availalbe. How would I ideally go about coding this?


You will need to create Price List for each customer, and then create Item Price record for Item-Price List. Not recommended if you have many customers and items.

You should try Pricing Rule. Selling >> Setup >> Pricing Rule.

Using Pricing Rule, you can define price for the group of items which will be applicable for the group of customers. If this works for you, defining group for item and customer is what you will need to worry about. item rate will be fetched for item from Pricing Rule.

There is around , 1000 Customers + around 30,000 Items. Creating a Price List for each of them would be fine?

ERPNext should be able to handle it. But you should decide if creating Price List and Item Price record for each customer is manageable.

Hi @v2gods

I think nothing is random if you have 1000+ customers then I guess someone must be knowing what prices items are to be sold and for that I think it would be better if you create Price lists.

The other solution could be that you create pricing rules but I think that would become difficult to manage.

Anyways, I think selling 30k+ items to 1k+ customers at random pricing is pretty daunting for any system.

In our case we use discount structures for giving pricing to our customers and this is easy to manage as well and I guess in the due course of time you should try to make a rule based system which can be implemented easily as well.

Yes, its a huge task and hence why I was wondering to create a custom script to automate it.

Yes, there need to be more structure, I agree. But this is a common practise seen in this part of the world among SMEs . The local erp systems here keep a track of the last selling price of an item + customer , so the next time when they come the user can review the last selling price of a particular item to the same customer.

Check the last buying price feature in Purchase