Latest Frappe and ERPnext LTS Release

Hello everyone,

I want install frappe and erpnext on a production server for a small business.
But I don’t know which version should I Pull from github for both ERPnext and Frappe.
I want the LTS Releases…

After some search I find that the latest (till release today: 28-Jul-2023):
Frappe: v14.36.3 released on June 1, 2023
ERPnext: v14.30.7 released on July 18, 2023

I just need confirmation those versions should I use.

Frappe and ERPNext are actively maintained which means regular updates are published. You may as well install the current version as it is the most stable yet but in terms of LTS, major releases are tagged as version-xx while vxx.xx.x show periodic updates for that version which could include bug fixes and minor feature additions/updates. The current LTS version therefore is version-14.


Thank you very much