Latest update to breaks migration

The update in line 22 changing

causes bench update to fail in the migration step with traceback ending with:

pymysql.err.InternalError: (1093, u"Table ‘tabSingles’ is specified twice, both as a target for ‘UPDATE’ and as a separate source for data")

(Sorry I only have the last line of the traceback since I had to force restore my latest db backup and I lost the full output.)

It appears to me that this error wouldn’t occur on a clean installation, only on those that have already actively used the woocommerce integration. Is there any way to update the modified_by entries in the extant woocommerce table so that this can migrate cleanly?

Same error here.
Now my erpnext is stuck at “Your system is being updated. Please refresh again after a few moments”

So I have to roll back from a previous snapshot to have something working quickly.