Latest v10 update - cannot save calendar event

Hey guys, so it seems there is an issue with editing and saving calendar event entries after the latest update of v10

For some reason, the edits are not saved and the status of the event stays in Not saved.

Anyone else is experiencing this issue ? For us it’s important because we are using the calendar for already thousands of entries.

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Guys, does anyone have any information about this ?

It’s a serious problem for us, we basically cannot edit any calendar event.

Maybe you can discover the code change that broke things -

github has this nifty code compare tool Comparing commits - GitHub Docs

So for example in the last month, apparently on the master branch erpnext went from version 10.1.70 to 10.175 with 27 files changed

and frappe went from 10.1.60 to 10.1.67 with 23 files changed

good luck

Unfortunately I don’t have this much experience or knowledge.

Personally I am only able to do basic installing and updates but to troubleshoot, I cannot.

My expectation is that the developers will be taking a look into what bug has appeared and provide an immediate fix considering it has completely halted our business operations.

LATE EDIT: So I am running two ERPNext on the same server and one is working properly, the second has this issue with saving the calendar events.

If I reinstall erpnext will it delete all the information in it ?

So then both instances run on the same physical box but each has its own ip address - for eg you are running VMs?

“If I reinstall erpnext will it delete all the information in it ?”

Yes hence the need to always backup your data in case your plan runs into problems

If you are running two sites on the same server then both sites should either work or not work. From /frappe-bench/ folder
bench version
and post results


No issue as of:
Installed Apps

ERPNext: v10.1.75 (master)

Frappe Framework: v10.1.67 (master)

Try to role back to a previous backup, may it helps.

@Iulian_Olaru re v10 URGENT / CRITICAL Cannot edit / save Calendar event · Issue #16205 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Have you updated and resolved your issue - what version are you now running?

Apparently no reports from other users to confirm.

So I have managed to fix it but I can’t say where the problem was coming from.

To be as specific as possible, I had to restart supervisor 2-3 times and then the problem went away.

However, I am very sure there is a problem with the calendar events because since forever using erpnext when you choose a start and end date for the event, the end date of the event does not get saved. I have to clear the cache and refresh the page to be able to set the end date of the event… this is another issue.

To be readily fixed, the problem must be clearly specified and reproducible.

Ideally other users will report in, to confirm and further define the problem.