Launching ERPNext Academy

In order to create a wider community reach, enable more ERPNext expertise we found it imperative to create and publish high quality content for ERPNext. So for the past 6 months, the Frappe team has been working with @joshiparthin towards this project.

After hours of development, recording, and quality control, we are finally ready to introduce to the community a beta of the same, ERPNext Academy :tada::tada::tada:


ERPNext Academy aims to be a comprehensive training platform to master everything from usage to deployment. At the moment, we have added a foundation course that is a gentle introduction to the basics of ERPNext in the form of videos.

Topics covered under these courses are:

  • Accounting
  • Operations (Buying, Selling & Inventory)
  • Project Management
  • ERPNext Administration

Academy in the future

Currently, we are working towards developer content. Just like the ERPNext course published at the moment, this will cover all the foundations of development with Frappe. The next phase will focus on adding content for specific modules, these courses will be targeted towards advanced ERPNext users.

Visit to access the content.


Great step


it seems i need to sign up? is this free?

@CuriousPasserby I was able to sign up by just providing a valid email ID and view the videos as well.

@scmmishra noticed that the user permission course has an incorrect video mapped to it, maybe it needs to be corrected.

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@Pawan thanks for bringing it notice. I have fixed it.

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@scmmishra Such a great workโ€ฆ hats off :slight_smile: :tada::confetti_ball:

Great Initiative. :clap::clap:

Hi. Good initiative. Will the contents be provided by Frappe or can users like us help out in adding more training videos.

Great step for ERPNext , i wish we have something like laracast for laravel , but called frappe academy and focus on frappe as a framework contains all the tricks , best practices , deeply understanding for the structure and everything inside frappe

Happy to add community videos too if they are of a certain quality!

I only have took a short peek on the first lesson, but wanted to give my congrats on the (compared to old ERPNext youtube videos) greatly enhanced audio quality.


Looking forward to the developer Courses

I have completed all videos :smile:

How I come to know if new video added, any alert for the same or I have to check from time to timeโ€ฆ

thanks for the great job.


I am unable to login. Please check required fields on form.

Check the fields, you have added the email in the name field and vice-versa:


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Doh! So used to the normal ERPNEXT login screen with email address and password, didnt readโ€ฆ Thanks, Sorry. not work

Itโ€™s working, for me, with http://